Friday, November 30, 2007

Sad sate of media affairs

The local media providers in the Twin Cities area were at Hamline University on Tuesday for a symposium form, regarding political news coverage of last year's election and the 2008 Presidential election, United States. Yet, I find it interesting that none of the journalists at the forum couldn't admit or proclaim that the entire news media profession has an enormous bias at the benefit of media consolidation owners, and that news journalism itself had turned away from its orthodox roots of true objective journalism and more in favor of "infotainment" news content. To say the least, almost all of young people are using the Internet as a source of real news than either TV or Radio combined; and newspapers however are lacking in circulation because of the growth of Internet access and the vast resources of news services that the paper company itself couldn't get a hold of in the context of reliable sources.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Mapping the blogosphere"

I've decided to post the first critique scholarly articles for media communications: "Mapping the blogosphere." The publication talks about how online blogs take in part of the democratic process by political activists in a bipolar political system in the United States; they are not really citizen journalism standards, but rather opinions that are express by various people. The original essay review was published on October 5th for this media communications class at Hamline.; it is over 5-7 pages long under a outline formant.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weekly Media Roundup

WCCO TV reporter, Ben Tracy, is heading for the "Early Show" on CBS TV in Los Angeles, according to WCCO TV's own website.

KMZT FM, a commercial classical music radio station in Los Angeles, has decided to switch over to a talk radio formant early this month, according to the Inland Valley Daily Newspaper.

Radio DJ, Tom Bernard on KQRS FM in Minneapolis, is under fire for making comments about Native Americans on his own morning show, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

In a report by the Saint Paul Pioneer Press
, MPR radio host and comedian Garrison Keillor had been stalked by a woman from Georgia during a recent tour of "A Prairie Home Companion”

Jeff Zucker of NBC Universal Studios told a breakfast lecture at Syracuse University in New York State that Apple Computers is allowing the destruction of the music industry with it's iTunes software, which allows computer users to download music content off the internet or from CD disks for free or personal use, Wired magazine reports.

The Washington Post reports
that more than half of Americans are opposed to the idea of further regulation of the media through the F.C.C.

The Boston Red Sox baseball team won not only the World Series, but the TV ratings war, according to the Internet Movie Database.

At least 25 worst TV Shows have been picked, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

weekly media roundup

After months of speculation, WQXR FM (96.3) in New York City is now heard over the internet with iTunes software through a default setting within the Radio icon section.

The Saint Paul Pioneer Press reports that Macintosh computers are becoming a growing trend among college campuses across the Twin Cities area.

The popular ABC TV show, "Desperate Housewives," has come under fire by the Philippine government and Filipino americans, regarding a racial comment about Filipino medical doctors by one of the shows characters that was supposed to be funny.

WCCO TV, a CBS affiliated station in Minneapolis, is now number one in the local news ratings, according to a report by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

U.S. conservative talk radio host, Rush Limbaugh, has become under intense criticism by Democratic party leaders in Washington D.C. and media critics for making a insensitive remark about U.S. Solders in Iraq, who were protesting the Bush's Administration military policy in Iraq, in which he describe them as "phony solders," reported by Media Matters for America.

A civil grand jury in Duluth, Minnesota, had prosecuted a thirty year old woman from Brainard to pay $220,000 in damages to the Recording Industry of America for uploading copyrighted music onto her computer; the case however is considered on the grounds of appeal, according to the Duluth-News Tribune.

Several NOAA Weather radio receivers from Oregon Scientific are recalled by the U.S. Consumer and Products safety commission over possible fire hazards.

Andrew Zimmerman, a Minneapolis-based chef, is quitting his programming stint on FM 107.1, according to the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

RAI radio goes bye-bye in North America

The Italian Radio and TV Service (RAI) had announced that they would no longer promote shortwave radio broadcasts to North America by September 30, according to a report by the media network blog.

Friday, September 21, 2007

New Weather Warning System

The U.S. National Weather Serivce had annouced on their website yesterday that a new warning system would replaced the previous old system by October 1st. This means that weather warning for a specific country would not cover the entire county itself, but rather a small portion of the county in order to save communication time and PR complaints by the public itself.